Death Ray Manta

A retro style shooter with a frantic and colorful aesthetic. It is comprised of extremely short mini-stages, in the vein of Wario Ware.


Death Ray Manta fast-paced twin-stick top-down shooter inspired by Robotron and Llamatron developed and published by The Future of Videogames. It plays similarly to games like Waves, Geometry Wars, or Super Stardust HD. Death Ray Manta was made in Gamemaker by Rob Fearon and a free version of the game is available on the Steam Workshop for Gamemaker or the "SE" version of the game is available on the Steam Store.

Gameplay takes place in a rectangular nearly square shaped arena with an abundance of bright neon, flashing and rotating colors, potentially warranting an epilepsy warning. The player controls a character referred to as a "beautiful fish" between levels, with only the ability to move quickly and shoot a wave of rainbow colored lasers with limited range and a wide spread. The goal of the player is to complete the 32 levels by defeating all the enemies in the stage, save for the trail of turquoise colored fish that follow pre-determined tracks. Each stage also includes a square shaped gem that disappears shortly after the stage start, which can give the play up to a final score of 64 when combined with the score all completed stages. Death Ray Manta has a near rogue-lite style of gameplay, since the player only has one life and all progress is lost upon death, but there is no form of progression besides the score.

The store page gives credit to the musician, assistant, and cover artist:

Death Ray Manta is made with the fine assistance of Mike Daw who provided the legwarmer chic tunes and Andy White, who helped out under the hood and kept me sane. Cover art by the legendary Ste Pickford.

A Steam Edition was released on the Steam platform on September 17, 2015 under the name Death Ray Manta SE.