Professor Pac-Man

A Pac-Man themed quiz game.

Professor Pac-Man is an arcade quiz game in which up to two players answer timed, multiple-choice questions. The countdown timer consists of Pac-Man eating a row of dots. Bally-Midway had planned on several versions of the game aimed at different audiences (such as Casinos), and new "packs" of questions regularly. None were ever released.

Professor Pac-Man is one of four games (along with Baby Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus) that were produced by Bally-Midway (Pac-Man's US distributor) without consent from Namco, thus ending their relationship.

Although Professor Pac-Man in this game was just Pac-Man in a mortarboard and glasses, Namco later made him his own character, as Ms. Pac-Man's father.