BS F-Zero Grand Prix

A special version of the original F-Zero for the BS Satellaview, featuring new vehicles and several additional tracks.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix is both a rerelease and a sequel to the original title. The Satellaview add-on was utilized by the game to broadcast pre-recorded commentary and music of far higher quality than was possible on a Super Nintendo cartridge. Though the game largely consisted of tracks from the original game rearranged into different leagues, five new tracks were added and dispersed between the four cups. Additionally, four new machines were included and replace those found in the SNES version; Blue Thunder, Luna Bomber, Green Amazone and Fire Scorpion. These five tracks and four machines were later included in BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. The game was at one point considered for an American release via cartridge, but was ultimately cancelled.

As with many Satellaview games, BS F-Zero Grand Prix was broadcast in multiple parts. The first part, Knight League, was broadcast from December 29th, 1996 to January 3rd, 1997. Queen League was available from January 5th to January 10th, King League was available January 12th to the 17th, and Ace League was available from January 19th to the 24th.

Knight LeagueQueen LeagueKing LeagueAce League
Mute City IMute City IIMute City IIIMute City I
Big BluePort Town IDeath Wind IIWhite Land II
Death Wind ISand OceanRed Canyon IRed Canyon II
SilenceWhite Land IPort Town IIFire Field
Sand StormSand Storm IISilence IIBig Blue II