Mystic Messenger

Cheritz, the company behind the otome games Dandelion and Nameless, now brings a new otome game to both Android and iOS.


Phone calling functionality.
Phone calling functionality.

Mystic Messenger is the third game from Cheritz and the first mobile otome game they've published. It is a romantic simulation game designed for female audiences. Unlike previous games, Mystic Messenger doesn't appear to tie into Cheritz's established universe.

The game introduces new gameplay to the otome genre with the intentions of imitating phone functionality: chat rooms, calling, texting, emails, etc. Mystic Messenger has five romance-able characters and twenty-seven endings total (five endings per character plus special endings). The game boasts an impressive 60 plus hours of gameplay: the length of a typical full-length PC otome game.

The game was released on the Android market on July 8, 2016. After several delays and setbacks, the iOS version was uploaded on August 18. The game is available in both Korean and English.


As stated by the creators, the basic premise of the story is:

You were looking for an app, just to kill some time, and stumbled upon an app called "Mystic Messenger". It sounded interesting so you downloaded it.

Once you opened it, you found yourself chatting with someone nicknamed "Unknown". They persuaded you to go to some studio apartment.

As soon as you walked into to the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys!? After a long chat, they ask you to join their secret party planning association called RFA...


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The MC in this game is name-able and presented as a self-insert, rather than an actual character. In the story, she is implied to be in her late teens to late twenties. The game gives several options for the MC's profile image, but in all of the CG images she is portrayed as a petite, brunette girl.

Romance-able Characters:

  • Jumin Han (28)
    • The rich heir of C&R International, a company owned by his father, whom he has a complicated relationship with. Obsesses over his cat, Elizabeth the 3rd. Has trouble understanding jokes and doesn't seem to care about what others think of him. Childhood best friends with V.
  • Zen (24)
    • A musical stage artist/small-time actor. He is a narcissist, constantly taking selfies and talking about his extraordinary good looks. Despite this, he wants to be defined by his talents. While casually flirty with the MC, he can't stand Jumin and doesn't miss an opportunity to mock him. Distant with his family.
  • 707 (22)
    • A genius hacker that works for a secret organization. Designed the RFA messaging app. Very expressive in his texting style, and enjoys playing jokes on the other members. Eats a lot of junk food and fanboys over Elizabeth the 3rd. However, very emotionally distant and not one to talk about his problems. His real name is a mystery, and he is the designated love interest.
  • Yoosung (20)
    • A college student addicted to video games. Used to be a honor student but became overly distraught after the death of his cousin, Rika, whom he adored. Obsessed with the game LOLOL. A very bright and cheery person when texting. Can tend to treat the MC as a replacement for Rika. Despises V.
  • Jaehee Kang (26)
    • Jumin Han's personal assistant. A stoic, serious workhaholic who is often busy with all the work Jumin gives her. The only one to maintain a reasonable suspicion of the MC's sudden appearance. However, she can be very girly and sweet. Fangirl of Zen. Hates cats.

Other Characters:

  • V (27)
    • The de-facto leader of RFA after Rika's death. Jumin's childhood best friend. Rarely goes into the chatroom. Used to be Rika's fiance. Quiet and mysterious.
  • Rika (??)
    • The founder of the RFA. A bright and happy girl. Yoosung's cousin. Took her own life and devastated the RFA in the process.
  • Unknown (??)
    • The individual that led the MC to the apartment in the first place. The primary antagonist of the game, and responsible for most of the bad endings. A talented hacker with a particular grudge against 707.