Mario Party: The Top 100

The "best" of Mario Party arrives on 3DS.


Mario Party: The Top 100 (known in Japan as Mario Party: 100 Minigame Collection) is a minigame collection developed by NDCube and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS in North America on November 10, 2017. It was later published in Europe on December 22, 2017 and in Japan on December 28, 2017.


All minigames included are based on the previous main entries in the series. 100 minigames are included, 45 of which (including all 1v1, 1v3, and 2v2 minigames and some FFA minigames) must be unlocked from specific game modes.

Mario Party

  • Bombs Away (FFA)
  • Desert Dash (2v3, unlockable)
  • Face Lift (FFA, unlockable)
  • Piranha's Pursuit (1v3, unlockable)
  • Shy Guy Says (FFA)
  • Tug o' War (1v3, unlockable)

Mario Party 2

  • Bowser's Big Blast (FFA, unlockable)
  • Bumper Balls (FFA)
  • Cake Factory (2v2, unlockable)
  • Dizzy Dancing (FFA)
  • Handcar Havoc (2v2, unlockable)
  • Hexagon Heat (FFA)
  • Honeycomb Havoc (FFA)
  • Looney Lumberjacks (2v2, unlockable)
  • Mecha-Marathon (FFA)
  • Roll Call (FFA)
  • Shell Shocked (FFA)
  • Slot Car Derby (FFA)
  • Speed Hockey (2v2, unlockable)

Mario Party 3

  • The Beat Goes On (FFA)
  • Bounce 'n' Trounce (FFA)
  • Chip Shot Chellenge (FFA)
  • Eatsa Pizza (2v2, unlockable)
  • Ice Rink Risk (FFA)
  • Mush Pit (FFA)
  • Rockin' Raceway (FFA)
  • Snowball Summit (FFA)
  • Storm Chasers (FFA)
  • Three Door Monty (FFA, unlockable)
  • Tidal Toss (1v3, unlockable)
  • Vine with Me (1v1, unlockable)

Mario Party 4

  • Beach Volley Folly (bonus)
  • Booksquirm (FFA)
  • Blame It on the Crane (1v3, unlockable)
  • The Final Battle! (bonus unlockable)
  • GOOOOOOOAL!! (1v3, unlockable)
  • The Great Deflate (2v2, unlockable)
  • Hide and Go BOOM! (1v3, unlockable)
  • Kareening Koopas (1v1, unlockable)
  • Mario Speedwagons (FFA)
  • Order Up (2v2, unlockable)
  • Paths of Peril (FFA)
  • Revers-a-Bomb (2v2, unlockable)
  • Three Throw (FFA)
  • Trace Race (FFA)

Mario Party 5

  • Button Mashers (1v1, unlockable)
  • Cage-in Cookin' (FFA, unlockable)
  • Coney Island (FFA)
  • Defuse or Lose (2v2, unlockable)
  • Dinger Derby (FFA)
  • Heat Stroke (1v3, unlockable)
  • Hotel Goomba (FFA, unlockable)
  • Ice Hockey (bonus unlockable)
  • Later Skater (FFA)
  • Leaf Leap (FFA)
  • Manic Mallets (2v2, unlockable)
  • Night Light Fright (FFA)
  • Pushy Penguins (FFA)
  • Shy Guy Showdown (1v1, unlockable)
  • Squared Away (1v3, unlockable)
  • Triple Jump (FFA)
  • Tube It or Lose It (1v3, unlockable)

Mario Party 6

  • Block Star (bonus unlockable)
  • Catch You Letter (FFA)
  • Crate and Peril (1v3, unlockable)
  • Dizzy Rotisserie (FFA, unlockable)
  • Rocky Road (2v2, unlockable)
  • Slot Trot (2v2, unlockable)
  • Snow Whirled (FFA)
  • Strawberry Shortfuse (FFA)
  • Trap Ease Artist (FFA, unlockable)

Mario Party 7

  • Balloon Busters (FFA, unlockable)
  • Dart Attack (FFA)
  • Deck Hands (FFA)
  • The Final Countdown (FFA)
  • Jump, Man (bonus unlockable)
  • Monty's Revenge (FFA)
  • Pogo-a-Go-Go (1v3, unlockable)
  • Pokey Pummel (FFA)
  • Sphere Factor (2v2, unlockable)
  • Stick and Spin (bonus unlockable)
  • Track & Yield (FFA)
  • Vine Country (bonus unlockable)

Mario Party 8

  • Aim of the Game (FFA)
  • At the Chomp Wash (FFA)
  • Crank to Rank (FFA)

Mario Party 9

  • Bumper Bubbles (FFA)
  • Don't Look (FFA)
  • Goomba Bowling (FFA, unlockable)
  • Jigsaw Jumble (FFA)
  • Logger Heads (FFA)
  • Magma Mayhem (FFA)
  • Peak Precision (FFA)
  • Pier Pressure (FFA)
  • Speeding Bullets (FFA)
  • Tackle Takedown (1v3, unlockable)

Mario Party 10

  • Badminton Bash (bonus unlockable)
  • Flash Forward (FFA)
  • Jewel Drop (bonus)
  • Soar to Score (FFA)