Mega Man 11

In celebration of the series' 30th anniversary, Capcom brings the titular robot hero back for a new adventure!


Mega Man 11 (known in Japan as Rockman 11: Unmei no Hagurama!!, the sub-title loosely translated to "Gears of Destiny!!") is a 2.5D side-scrolling sci-fi platformer developed and published by Capcom for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (digitally via Steam) on October 2, 2018 (outside of Japan) and October 4, 2018 (in Japan).

Released for the series' 30th anniversary, the eleventh main installment combines the series' traditional 2D platforming gameplay with new 3D polygonal graphics. In addition to numerous modes and difficulty settings, the game features a new gameplay mechanic: the Double Gear system (which allows the titular hero, at will, to either slow down time or perform powerful attacks).

Set in the year 20XX, the game takes place sometime after the events of Mega Man 10 (in which the humanoid robot hero Mega Man defeats the evil Dr. Wily for the tenth time). Reminded of a past confrontation with Dr. Light, Dr. Wily continues his research on a past invention: the Double Gear (a circuit that pushes robots beyond their normal speed and strength). Brainwashing more of Dr. Light's robots for research, it's up to Mega Man (with a prototype Double Gear installed) to stop Dr. Wily.