A Mastermind puzzle game variant once accessible exclusively through the Mega Drive's MegaNet Game Toshokan service.


MegaMind, not to be confused with the 2010 animated movie or its adaptations, is a puzzle game designed specifically for the Sega MegaNet Game Toshokan service. It was part of a group of smaller games built in-house at Sega to populate the online service and increase its value to subscribers.

MegaMind is a variant of the classic code-breaker board game Mastermind, where the goal is to determine the correct "code" of four symbols and their specific order through trial and error. After selecting four of six different symbols, including multiple instances of the same symbol, the game will inform the player if they have the right symbols and if any are in the right order. It's the player's task to use this information to narrow down the correct combination.