Auto Chess

The stand-alone mobile adaptation of the Dota 2 mod "Dota Auto Chess".


Dota Auto Chess was first released by the four-man Drodo Studio as a Dota 2 custom mod on January 4, 2019. Within a week's time, the mod attracted hundreds of thousands of players and became an instant hit. By February 26, Dota Auto Chess had amassed five million players, with dedicated Twitch channels and widespread esports attention. Like the game it was built upon, Dota Auto Chess had become the modding phenomenon of a new generation.

A number of developers had expressed interest in acquiring the Auto Chess property - namely Valve Corporation and Tencent Games. On March 14, Drodo Studio revealed that they had decided to develop the property further themselves, with the announcement of Auto Chess, a standalone mobile game published by Dragonest. ImbaTV would be supporting an invitational.

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