Stick Cricket

Cricket Browser Batting

Stick Cricket is a browser-based cricket batting simulator developed by Stick Sports. Gameplay is based on choosing the correct key and timing in response to the delivery bowled by the AI bowler.


There are 12 different Modes currently available to choose from in Stick Cricket. 2 Player, 1 Keyboard is a two player mode that requires each player to take turns batting and bowling. Academy mode can be used to practice against specific bowling types or to compete a list of challenges designed to improve a player's performance in the game. Classic and Cann mode are older versions of the game. All Star Slog and Exhibition Slog lets the player try to score as much as they can in the allotted overs. Ashes, Twenty Days of T20, World Cup Edition, World T2, and Premier League are based off the corresponding international cricket tournaments. World Domination is a mode where the player must beat 18 of the top cricketing nations in order of strength.