Forever Lost: Episode 1

A first-person puzzle-adventure escape room game and the first of a trilogy of episodes, originally released for mobile devices. Waking up in an unfamiliar room with no memories, the only goal is to escape.


Forever Lost: Episode 1 is a first-person adventure game released on mobile devices in 2012 and, later, the Steam and platforms. It was followed by two more installments: 2013's Forever Lost: Episode 2 and 2015's Forever Lost: Episode 3.

In addition to solving the mystery of who they are and where they've been imprisoned, the goal of the game is to escape the abandoned psychiatric hospital that the player wakes up in. Notes left behind by other prisoners provide hints and suggestions, though many puzzles need to be solved before the player's freedom can be earned.

The game offers a photography feature, unlocked by finding a camera early on, which allows them to take pictures of important hints and solutions to recall later when needed. Many of the game's puzzles are solved this way: finding the right codes or combinations elsewhere, taking snapshots, and remembering where to use them.