Shell Corp

Shell Corp is a 1-8 player egg based party game. With multiple mini games and a variety of egg puns. Players can play as various different pre made eggs or can design their own eggs in the egg painting mode to play in one of six mini games.


Shell Corp is a local multiplayer competitive party game for 1-8 players. Developed and self published by Practical Yolk Games for Steam and Xbox One.


Each mini game takes place in the break room kitchen of an unknown office from a random selection of levels for each game.

In total there are 7 mini games including team varients:

  • Shell Smash - fight and wrestle to survive a shrinking arena in either a free for all or in teams
  • Egg Scramble - Avoid hazards and get to the end in this obstacle course
  • Corporate Conveyor - Jump and squeeze through the gaps in an ever increasing series of walls
  • Hold the Fork - A game similar to OddBall in Halo, players must capture and hold onto the fork for as long as they can until the time runs out.
  • Toasted - A zombie survival mode where players must out survive each other or become a slice of zombie toast
  • Hatch Trick - A game mode similar to soccer, players must roll the ball into their opponents goal