Trickshot League

Create and Play Trickshots in Augmented Reality

Trickshot League is a free-to-play augmented reality mobile game developed and released by Whirl, that is currently in beta (as of September 2020) for iOS devices.

Players are able to shoot or toss anything you can throw, such as a ping pong ball into a target, which can be anything you can throw something at, such as a plastic cup or a dart board. Obstacles and scenery can be placed in between and around the target to make the shot more difficult and ultimately create complex layouts and shots akin to "Rube Goldberg" or "Dude Perfect" types of layouts and trickshots.

Currently, there are two modes of play in Trickshot League:

Adventure Mode allows players to attempt to make shots in pre-made layouts in a more traditional, stage progression type of game. As players progress, stages become harder and more complex and allow the player to unlock power-ups, throwables, and obstacles to be used during other modes of play.

Playground Mode allows players to create their own layouts and try to shoot them. This is more of a free-for-all layout creation mode which allows players to get creative and build shots using an unlimited amount of targets and obstacles. Players can also utilize their surroundings as obstacles as well.