Cube rolling puzzle game- Roll the block, collect coins, and finish the level

CUBERIO is block-rolling puzzle games or cube race games. It can be played anytime, anywhere for free and offline.


Customize the graphics based on performance or quality and start playing. There are arrow buttons that work as controls to move the cube left, right, up, or down. There's also a button to change the view and slow down the enemies. Keep in mind, don’t bump with the red cube either it is a game over. To win a level is needed to get inside the portal, collect gems and coins. Finish the level without crashing and move into another level.

Key features of Cuberio

? The amazing graphics, easy controls, and the customization option in this block rolling puzzle or cube game. One tap controlling allowing to trounce your enemies and finish the game smoothly.

? This block puzzle game for kids or adults, this roll blocks game is suitable for all. This game is made for everyone regardless of their age or gender.

? This cube brain game comes with multiple levels, and each level has something unique to offer. There can be unlocked different power-ups and upgrade options as move further with the game. Spending coins and gems to upgrade the gameplay and have ultimate fun.

? This cube escape-dice magic game is entirely free of cost and offline. Is not needed to spend a single penny to roll or move the cubes. And this game can be played anywhere, anytime without an active internet connection.

The gameplay of this cubeworld is really easy to understand. Is needed to run through the playground to finish and don’t bump into red cubes; otherwise, it will lead to loss. This cube roll is the most relaxing game ever.