Bamboo Panda

An action game that has a panda punching out pieces of bamboo from a stalk.


Bamboo Panda is an action game developed and published by for Playtouch Ltd. iPhone, iPad, Android, and Browsers.


The Panda Punching Some Bamboo
The Panda Punching Some Bamboo

Players control a panda bear that punches out sections of an infinite stalk of bamboo. The player presses the right key for punching from the right side of the bamboo or left for the left side. Along the stalk of bamboo are evil panda that try to stab the players panda. If the player presses the same side button that the evil panda is on as they are right above the player, it is game over.


There are two gameplay modes in Bamboo Panda;

  • Survival
  • Time Attack