Zoku Otenamihaiken

A Japan-only multi-game arcade cart by Success, including mahjong (three-player variant), shogi, chess, billiards, and an adaptation of the handheld game Hexcite.


Zoku Otenamihaiken (族 おてなみ拝見, loosely translated to "Look at the Group Hospitality") is a multi-game collection developed by Success (along with Cress, Argent, F. Schneider, and Mediarium) and released by Success for arcades (using PS1-based Taito G-NET hardware) in Japan in 2000.

It includes five games to choose from, most of which can be played in multiplayer. These include three table games (three-player mahjong, shogi, and chess), billiards, and an adaptation of the 1998 handheld puzzle game Hexcite (of which Success published the WonderSwan version).