A 2D sidescroller designed for iOS, where a genius witch named Kiana Kaslana must endure a series of trials to reclaim her forgotten past.

The first game in the Honkai franchise made and produced by miHoYo before they became a full fledged company. FlyMe2theMoon was a single-player 2D platforming game with elements of exploration, puzzle solving, racing, and survival gameplay that lasted a combined 60 levels across four game modes. Unlike other games in the series, this game had no gacha elements, instead having the full game available on the Apple store for the retail price of 18 Yuan. The game is reportedly now free to download.

The game was the first known appearance of Kiana Kaslana, a genius witch who travels to the Lunar Ruins (the Moon) to uncover the truth about her past, though she has to pass a series of brutal trials first. Though not directly connected to later games in the franchise, other versions of Kiana would appear in future Honkai titles, such as Honkai Gakuen and Honkai Impact 3rd.