Clash Force

In this homage to NES run-and-gun games and '90s Saturday morning cartoons, the anthro superheroes Clash Force must defeat the villainous Crackman and his robot minions.


Clash Force is a retro run-and-gun style action game for PC (on Steam and, Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and iOS devices. The player, as one of three members of the Clash Force (Zoom, Scorpido, and Echid), pursues the villain Crackman across various stages of hazards and enemy encounters.

Between each stage, the player can collect one weapon or power-up from a fast moving stream to help them in the next stage. In addition to different weapon types, including a spread and a laser, the player can also acquire a shield that protects them from one hit or a health recovery. Getting hit without the shield drops the player character's health and also removes any weapon power-ups they may have had.