Moon Child

A platformer by the Dutch studio Team Hoi, starring a green elf sent by the moon to protect the planet Utopia. Originally planned to be developed for the Amiga, it was later switched over to Windows PC.


Moon Child is a 2D sci-fi fantasy side-scrolling puzzle-platformer developed by Team Hoi and published by Valkieser Publishing for Windows PCs in the Netherlands on October 4, 1997.

A successor to the Dutch studio's earlier Amiga game Hoi, Moon Child stars the titular green elf, who is sent to the planet Utopia from its moon to save it from a techno-virus. To do this, he must scour each level for Dark Diamonds that are hidden in various places.

The game was originally planned to be developed for the Amiga, with a demo version released years earlier. Due to Commodore's bankruptcy, the game was shifted to Windows PCs. This version includes Hoi as a companion character, a concept that was later removed.

The game was later ported to modern browsers, and can be played for free here. It was also released for free for iOS and macOS devices (via their respective app stores) in 2012 and 2018 respectively.