Cypher 007

Cypher 007 was an action-adventure game, that was released on Apple Arcade that commondates the 60 years of James Bond.

Cypher 007 was a top-down perspective action-adventure game, (in a similar vein to Space Marshals and Metal Gear Solid) Cypher 007 pits players into the shoes of UK’s famous secret agent, James Bond 007.

Cypher 007 features, stealth, hand to hand combat, environmental interaction, and intel gathering throughout the levels were players must use stealth, distractions and combat to overcome these enemies of SPECTRE and MI6 agents without getting killed or go guns-blazing if Bond was spotted by an enemy.

In the vehicle level, it features a Little Nellie, (like the one used in You Only Live Twice and a similar vein to Strike series) to eliminate the air patrols and turrets that raided Bond’s investigation.