Dynamic Country Club

A golf sim developed and published by Sega for the Mega CD in Japan only. It offers multiple modes and features and uses a pseudo-3D perspective similar to T&E Soft's New 3D Golf Simulation series.


Dynamic Country Club is a golf simulator that Sega first published for the arcades in 1991, developed by Sega's arcade-focused studio AM3 (though they had yet to be formally branded as such) on Sega System 24 hardware. The same developer then ported the game to the Mega CD two years later in the summer of 1993. It was exclusive to Japan in both cases.

As a simulator, the game has many features and customization options for the player including choosing their club loadout and caddy. The game also offers multiple modes and a "warming up" session for practicing specific holes. Each hole is introduced by an expert, and the game uses a pseudo 3D perspective to provide a sense of the distance between the player and the green.