Egawa Suguru no Super League CD

The fifth and final entry in Sega's Super League series of baseball sims. It was exclusive to the Mega-CD and includes commentary from former Yomiuri Giants pitcher turned baseball analyst Suguru Egawa.


Egawa Suguru no Super League CD is a baseball game exclusive to the Japanese Mega-CD and is the fifth game in Sega's Super League series of games, which also includes Tommy Lasorda Baseball and Sports Talk Baseball. The game has a heavy simulation aspect to its team management and customization, but is otherwise an arcade-styled baseball game like its predecessors.

Its celebrity endorser is Suguru Egawa, who had become an analyst for the sport after retiring from playing baseball professionally in 1987 at the relatively young age of 31. Egawa will introduce games with some advice for the player dependent on who they're matched up with, and appears several times throughout the game including on the loading screens.