Globetrotter 2

In Globetrotter 2, the player returns as a backpacker, who travels all around the globe all the while answering questions about a variety of subjects.

Globetrotter 2 is, like its predecessor Globetrotter, based on the edutainment idea of a backpacker, who has to answer questions about the different places he/she visits as well as questions related to the jobs he/she takes on in order to earn money to continue traveling.
While the core gameplay has remained the same, a couple of extra content has been added to the game, such as new encounters on the city map (a police man you can ask for directions, a joker who you can gamble your money against and sharks who'll drain your energy) and a new world map to help get an overview of where you have been). The largest addition is arguably 'Eddie's Expeditions', which are a series of 'shops' placed in 'wild' areas of the world, and has challenges where you'll have to drive jeeps and scale mountains in order to receive money of prize photos required to make your way up the ladder in the 'Globetrotter Club'.
New places to travel have also been added, such as the Wild Wild West or the Amazonas.