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Mahjong Kyōshitsu


Mahjong Kyōshitsu is an early mahjong arcade game by SNK.

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  • Dingo


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  • Cosmotrons


    A four-player deliberately-rereo indie arcade game by Arcadeaholics, loosely based on the 1982 Atari arcade game Gravitar.

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  • Ashita no Joe


    Also known as "Success Joe", Ashita no Joe is an arcade behind-the-back boxing game based on the manga and anime series of the same name.

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  • Monopoly


    Known in-game as "Monopoly Arcade", this 2013 arcade "video redemption" adaptation of the classic board game features a spinner-based dice-rolling mechanic and ...

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  • Black Emperor


    An indie arcade game from the studio behind Killer Queen. Stylized on Japanese psychadelic rock, Black Emperor has players trying to keep their motorcycle insid...

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  • Marble Madness II: Marble Man


    An unreleased but apparently completed sequel to Marble Madness which would have designated a character for the franchise with the titular Marble Man.

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  • Moero!! Pro Yakyuu: Home Run Kyousou


    An arcade spin-off of the NES game Moero!! Pro Yakyuu ("Bases Loaded" in North America), focusing solely on trying to bat home runs.

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  • Let's Go Island!: Lost on the Island of Tropics


    The sequel to the comedic fixed-gun shooter Let's Go Jungle!, this time set in a tropical theme.

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  • Transformers: Shadows Rising


    A light-gun shooter and the follow-up to Sega's earlier Transformers: Human Alliance.

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